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Boy!! Time sure flies!! I'm the big man on campus now!
Oh yeah, you probably did not know, I'm going to school now. Paw Paw and Nana get me ready in the morning and I'm off to my school, Honey Creek Elementary. It's the same school my uncle John went to. I even have met some of his old teachers and they seem pretty Nice. I'm really having fun, but sometimes, I'd rather stay with Nana.

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Me and Nana getting ready for school.......
Do I want to go today or not, hmmmm?
Hey I gotta go to school now. Paw paw says I'd better get used to it because I have at minimum 19 more years?
It's not so bad at school, I really like the other kids and the teachers and some mornings I run right in for school. There are some mornings though that my Nana has to stay with me for a while until I'm ok staying by myself with the teachers.

I'm learning a lot like sharing, playing with others and the fun part is counting, ABCs, colors and stuff. I sort of knew a lot of this stuff already cause my Nana and Paw Paw showed me, but it's fun to do it with the other kids.
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